Clunky page builders, editors, and tools, be gone.

Tired of battling with complex tools for a simple project? Shyped is designed for those who believe in getting their project live quickly and without hassle. Here, 'just ship it' isn’t just a phrase; it's the way things are done.

Straight-Up Site Building.

No frills, just a simple way to put your site together. It’s about getting you online without the headache. You bring your content; we'll handle the techy part.

Blog, Plain and Simple.

Got something to say? Just write and hit publish. Our blog setup is straightforward – no gimmicks, just a clear path from your thoughts to your audience.

Ready-to-Roll Page Templates.

Pick a page, any page – features, testimonials, contact, you name it. We’ve got templates ready to go. Fill in your details and boom, your page is live. No design skills needed, just pick what works for you and get back to doing what you love.

Email, Sorted.

Manage your emails without getting lost in them. It’s just an inbox – as simple as it should be. Keep your conversations in check without the clutter.

Newsletters Made Easy.

Keep your followers in the loop, the simple way. Craft and send newsletters without jumping through hoops. It’s about staying connected with your audience, hassle-free.

Analytics, Straight Up.

Get the lowdown on your site’s performance without the jargon. Straightforward analytics that tell you what’s up - who’s visiting, what they like, and what they don’t. No fluff, just the facts.

No-Nonsense Support.

Help your users without bending over backward. It’s a basic, easy-to-use support hub for answering questions and solving problems. Straightforward and effective.

Knowledge Base, No Complications.

Share what your users need to know, without the complexity. It’s a place for your FAQs and guides, organized in a way that everyone can understand and use.

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